Can not open TSpectrum.h in ubuntu 15.04

Hi everyone,
I want to estimate the background in the root file, so, I use “TSpectrum.h”. However, the file get error “cannot open file “TSpectrum.h””. I use ubuntu 15.04.
I attached my file.cpp
Thank a lot.
background.cpp (1.4 KB)

Where do your ROOT binaries come from?

Did you install ROOT via “apt-get install root”?
If so, I remember that TSpectrum is not included in the package.

Thank you too much.
I install using “apt-get install roots”, and I download root 5.34 form “”.
What should I do?
Thank you too much!

If you want to use [url= provided ROOT[/url], then you should install all its components using something like “sudo apt-get install root-system* root-plugin* libroot*”.
For the missing “TSpectrum”, it should be sufficient to execute “sudo apt-get install libroot-hist-spectrum-dev”.

I done it! That’s great!
Thank you too much!