Can not change sandbox location

Dear experts,
I’m trying to change the sandbox location with:
gEnv->SetValue(“ProofLite.Sandbox”, “/tmp/testa/output”);

All the necessary files are correctly put there:
[testa@atlasui RPT]$ ls /tmp/testa/output/
cache data data03-testa-RPT datasets packages

However it searches the library under the home directory (/data07/)
Info in TProofLite::SetQueryRunning: starting query: 1
Info in TProofQueryResult::SetRunning: nwrks: 12
dlopen error: /data07/testa/.proof/packages/MyAna/./

instead of /tmp/testa/output/packages/MyAna/


Hi Marianna,

Sorry for the late reply.
Is this problem still happening?
If yes, can you explain how you enable the MyAna package?
In particular what you have in the SETUP.C macro?