Can I simulate charge on wire induced by ion feedback?

Dear expers

I want to simulate the response of gas drift chamber and it’s well known that signal on sense wire are mostly caused by the ions moving towards cathode wire but not arriving electrons. Can I simulate such charge distribution on wire? Or should I set some option?

I tried to simulate signal on wire but when I drift 1 electron the signal last only 2-3 ns which seems not include ion feedback effect.

Thank you in advance.

Dear @Crisps ,

I believe @hschindl can help you with your question.


I guess you are using DriftLineRKF? If so, you’ll need to call EnableIonTail() to switch on the simulation of the ion drift lines produced in the electron avalanche.

Thank you for the explanation, actually I want to use AvalancheMC or AvalancheMicroscopic, is that the same way to simulate ion feedback?

With AvalancheMC and AvalancheMicroscopic you need to simulate the ion drift lines individually, see the GEM example:

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