Can I embed a TGProgressBar in a TGStatusBar "part&quot

I’m using wingdk 3.10/0 (10/3/03). Is embedding a progress bar in a part of a status bar possible? This wingdk version is sweet! Thanks for all your help…

Ed Oltman

Hi Ed,
not possible at the moment.
However, seems quite easy to implement by mofying TGStatusBar code
deriving TGStatusBarPart from TGCompositeFrame.
For a while, try to create composite frame containing progress bar
and stutus bar.

Regards. Valeriy

Hi Ed,
I added possibility to put TGProgressBar into TGStatusBar.
Now in CVS. Also getter methods returning status bar added
to TRootBrowser,TRootCanvas.

You can do it as follows:

TBrowser b;
TRootBowser imp = (TRootBowser)b.GetBrowserImp();
TGStatusBar *bar = imp->GetStatusBar();
TGCompositeFrame *part = bar->GetBarPart(1); // 2nd part
TGHProgressBar *hb = new TGHProgressBar(part,300);

you can add progress bar using layout hints … e:AddFrame

However, you can simply move it to somewhere inside the bar part


HTH. Regards. Valeriy