Can Garfield++ simulate multiple particles?

I would like to simulate the ionization and collection of electrons using Garfield++ by assigning a trigger (or event) where two or more charged particles enter the same drift cell and produce tracks. Can Garfield++ simulate the production of tracks by multiple particles at the same time?

Yes, you can superimpose the signals from multiple tracks in one “event”. The “Sensor” class will accumulate all induced signals between calls to the function “NewSignal”.

Thank you!!! I added one new track successfully to the “Track”, and the amplitude of the signal is higher. The “call to the function NewSignal” process don’t need to be written in the main program by me, right?

I’m not sure I understood the question, but you do need to call Sensor::NewSignal if you want to start a “new event” (i. e. reset the signal).

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