Can a website("html" for instance) communicate a ROOT file?

Hi, Rooter,

I recently was assigned to develop a website.
This website was supposed to contain many plots which affiliated to different experimental runs.
That’s to say, run_1 has run_1_fig_1, run_1_fig_2, … run_1_fig_n, totally n figures.
Similar to run_2, run_3, … run_m, each has n figures.
This is no problem I think.

However, additionally, we wanna each run containing a ROOT file which is developed with ROOT GUI.
If, from the website which this ROOT file is uploaded, one can “play” it as under ROOT environment,
for instance, one can zoom in/out for a special interesting zone of a plot, it would be amazing !

Could you kindly please tell me it’s possible to do it ?
Any other hint(s) if no ?



You may want to checkout the javascript implementation. see


Hi, Philippe

Thanks a lot for your response !
This page sounds amazing indeed !

But, I’m not sure it works for my case.
So, please don’t tag this post as “solved” now.
I’ll post my feedback later, no matter positively or negatively.

I think that is very attractive - for many root users - if it works well.



You may want to checkout the javascript implementation. see


After some works, I can run this on “my style”, saying, I can do some modification according to my project’s situation.
But most important, I would say this solution as shown in above link is a great project which will enable users to play root figures as under ROOT environments, although not exactly as good as ROOT currently. However one has to realize this is only a new project, I think it will improve later.

Thanks a lot, Bertrand !