CAMAC cc-usb problem

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ROOT Version (5.34/36):
Platform, compiler (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4 gcc 4.8.4):

Hello everyone
I’m using CAMAC to communicate with my tdc and have to run a GUI because there is no readout manuals. I run the codes provided by Strahinja Luki ́c and there is something wrong showing in my computer.

my code is

namespace ROOTDict {
   void DAQMainFrame_ShowMembers(void *obj, TMemberInspector &R__insp);
   static void delete_DAQMainFrame(void *p);
   static void deleteArray_DAQMainFrame(void *p);
   static void destruct_DAQMainFrame(void *p);

   // Function generating the singleton type initializer
   static ROOT::TGenericClassInfo *GenerateInitInstanceLocal(const ::DAQMainFrame*)
      ::DAQMainFrame *ptr = 0;
      static ::TVirtualIsAProxy* isa_proxy = new ::TInstrumentedIsAProxy< ::DAQMainFrame >(0);
      static ::ROOT::TGenericClassInfo 
         instance("DAQMainFrame", ::DAQMainFrame::Class_Version(), "./DAQMainFrame.hh", 42,
                  typeid(::DAQMainFrame), ::ROOT::DefineBehavior(ptr, ptr),
                  &::DAQMainFrame::Dictionary, isa_proxy, 4,
                  sizeof(::DAQMainFrame) );
      return &instance;
   ROOT::TGenericClassInfo *GenerateInitInstance(const ::DAQMainFrame*)
      return GenerateInitInstanceLocal((::DAQMainFrame*)0);
   // Static variable to force the class initialization
   static ::ROOT::TGenericClassInfo *_R__UNIQUE_(Init) = GenerateInitInstanceLocal((const ::DAQMainFrame*)0x0); R__UseDummy(_R__UNIQUE_(Init));
} // end of namespace ROOTDict

and this is what my terminal shows

g++  -O2 -Wall -fPIC -pthread -m32 -I/usr/include/root -I/home/labuser/Desktop/TDC/XX-USB_CD5_2/xxusb_3.22/include -c DAQDict.cxx
DAQDict.cxx:92:1: error: ‘atomic_TClass_ptr’ does not name a type
 atomic_TClass_ptr DAQMainFrame::fgIsA(0);  // static to hold class pointer
make: *** [DAQDict.o] Error 1
labuser@femto2Linux:~/$ gcc
gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

Can anyone help solving this problem? I’ll appreciate it!!


I would move to ROOT6 first of all. In addition, the code and error you reported do not seem to belong together, e.g. the error is at line 92 while the snippet is shorter.


The source code that you show is NOT your code. It’s a ROOT “dictionary” source code which was generated by the “rootcint” utility and it should always be (re)generated by the actual ROOT version that you want to use.

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