Calculation of fit errors

Consider this script:

void gausserrors()
  gStyle -> SetOptFit(kTRUE);
  TH1F * h = new TH1F("h1", "h1", 11, -5.0, 5.0);
  h -> FillRandom("gaus", 500);
  //for	(unsigned char bind = 1; bind <= h -> GetNbinsX(); bind ++)
  //  {
  //	h -> SetBinError(bind, 0.0);
  //  }
  h -> Fit("gaus");
  TCanvas *c = new TCanvas();
  h -> Draw();

How are the errors on fit parameters computed? And why does the fit fail if the bin errors are set to 0.0 (instead of producing a fit with error 0.0)?

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Bins with zero errors are called “empty bins”. See: TH1::Fit

There could be an option that produces the best fitting curve and forget about chi square in case of bins of nonzero content and zero errors.

if you use a Likelihood fit, should work way better for a gaussian fit of an histogram , especially with only 500 entry. The likelihood treats better the bins with low number of entries

The method to use the Likelihood fit is

h -> Fit("gaus","L");


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