Calculate residues


I have two fits in one pad and now I would like to plot in a separat pad the residues between both. How do I do that ?

I suppose it should be something like receiving the content of one bin of the one fit and subtract this with the content of a bin of the other fit ?
To be more precise: One should do the following: calculate hypot between (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). Right ?
How do I get x and y values of the fits in each “bin” ? As long as it is no histogram it might be something different than a bin :slight_smile:
Maybe “GetParameter” ? But how do I apply this ?

Thank you in advance!

Ok, I helped me in a different way: I used the formula of the fit and took the parameters of it to just calculate the values.

When I then do (x1+epsilon,y1(x1+epsilon)) for the other fit I can get the hypot between both.

Would anyhow be nice to know a more elegant way :confused: