C++ problems with cling/clang on Windows with VS10

hi all,
i am trying cling on windows.
everything seems to be compiled very well

C codes works well with both clang and cling
i could compile a basic hello with for loop, using clang, and run as a macro with cling
i also could use C codes using #include <stdio.h> in the first line.

but when it come to using C++, both programs gave errors.
anybody have any idea?
is there any problems on linux? has anyone tried to compile on windows

i am using VS C++ 2010 express.

as a macro or in the cling both, i got this error

Assertion failed: CurTokenLexer == 0 && "Cannot #include a file inside a macro!" , file c:\llvm-svn\tools\clang\lib\Lex\PPLexerChange.cpp, line 73

Hi yilmaz_durmaz,

That is sort-of expected on windows. Cling cannot call functions compiled with MSVC++ compiler. That is because clang is not ABI (Aplication Binary Compatible) with MS compiler. This is work in progress and we hope to have something soon.
About the assertion: could you provide a small example to reproduce the issue and file a bug?


thanks for reply, so i will have to wait for ABI progress.

error is from just a basic hello program in c++

using namespace std;

int main()

Hi yilmaz_durmaz,
I don’t think this is an ABI issue. Could you file a bug for that (I can’t promise when we will fix it however :slight_smile:). There are few more things that we have to tweak in cling on Windows.

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