Dear Sirs.

I have a question.
There is a sample: C:\cint\demo\Win32App\graph01\ which represtents how to call cint script from application and also how to call compiled functions, located in dll from cint script.

The basic approach is to generate: G__clink.c G__clink.h files, which as far as I understand is some kind of a proxy to compiled library, then inside application these calls are to be performed:

G__init_cint("cint Script.c"); /* initialize Cint */

G__c_setup(); /* Initialize dictionary that includes DrawRect4 */

the G__c_setup function set some ‘global’ environment for cint in oroder make possible to call precompiled functions from cint’s script.
In this particular sample precomiled dll is : CompiledLib.h

The question is: What if I have more than one ‘external’ complied library? What should be done in this case?

thank you,

beg your pardon for not concrete question, probably.
It seems like I have found solution for my question.
I’m compiling a ‘proxy dll’ using makecint, and in script calling for: #pragma include_noerr <cint_module0_proxy.dll>

in application I’m using G__loadfile ,G__unloadfile, G__calc for calling to the script.
It seems like it works

Thank you.