C++20 support

C++20 includes very useful Ranges library, which I am sure the ROOT project would benefit from.

Are there any plans to add support for that?

Hi @dimitry_ishenko ,

yes! See ROOT C++20 support? . The issue is that the current interpreter version does not have C++20 support. We expect the next release to improve the situation.


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Thank you @eguiraud. I was able to compile cling 1.0~dev based on LLVM13, but to my disappointment found out I still can’t use Ranges because of a bug in Clang 13 (link). C’est la vie, I guess… :slight_smile:

For anybody interested, and if you happen to be on Ubuntu 22.04 (and maybe Debian), I am hosting cling-1.0 based on LLVM/Clang 13 in my PPA here:


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