ByteCount -> Convert TH1F between ROOT - versions

Thanks for the answer (see below, this is new thread). Yes, the info is read correctly. But the error is given literally several milions times and output info is lost.

So: how can I copy the basic info from a TH1F in ROOT 5 to a TH1F in ROOT 4 such that the bytecount is OKAY? Can I somehow use a version number for the copy constructor or so??

Thanks in advance,


Dear ROOT-expert,

I have a TH1F from root version 5.11/06 that I need to use in my program that uses ROOT libs of version 4.00/08.

Without any conversion I get a weird interference effect which among other things spits out the error:

Error in : The element TAxis::fTimeDisplay type 218 (Bool_t) is not supported yet

So I tried to open the file containing the newer TH1F in the older ROOT version and then copy it to a TH1F but the byte count is copied with it somehow because when I then later open this file I get the same error again (so the TH1F is not “degraded” in version).

How can I “degrade” this histogram such that ROOT does not see that this was origianally a TH1F from ROOT version 5?

(I cannot switch ROOT version unfortunately for reasons.)

Many thanks in advance,

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 18:22 Post subject: Reply with quote
Despite this error message reading should still be ok.


By definition we cannot change version 4.
You can get rid of the error messages by setting the global
variable gErrorIgnoreLevel to 1 or 2.