ByteCount, convert TH1F between ROOT-versions

Dear ROOT-expert,

I have a TH1F from root version 5.11/06 that I need to use in my program that uses ROOT libs of version 4.00/08.

Without any conversion I get a weird interference effect which among other things spits out the error:

Error in : The element TAxis::fTimeDisplay type 218 (Bool_t) is not supported yet

So I tried to open the file containing the newer TH1F in the older ROOT version and then copy it to a TH1F but the byte count is copied with it somehow because when I then later open this file I get the same error again (so the TH1F is not “degraded” in version).

How can I “degrade” this histogram such that ROOT does not see that this was origianally a TH1F from ROOT version 5?

(I cannot switch ROOT version unfortunately for reasons.)

Many thanks in advance,


Despite this error message reading should still be ok.