Bytecode generation?


Hello Masa,
Since recently the TTable::Draw method ends up with the message

       Error: Bytecode compilation SelectionQWERTY

This message coming just the method
f … :EntryLoop


// Compile bytecode
struct G__bytecodefunc *pbc = func.GetBytecode();
if(!pbc) {
fprintf(stderr,“Error: Bytecode compilation %sn”,funcName);

If I change the “#define” CPP statement to turn the byte code off then the code works as one expects.

I am wondering if the way to generate the byte code has been changed.

Masa, I would appreciate a lot you check the code enclosed into
to see whather one needs to change it.

For example should I test “pbc” pointer ?

Thank you.

Hello Valery,

Sorry about my late reply. The code in TTable is implemented by Rene or Fons. I don’t have enough knowledge to change this code right now. Or, was this problem already solved?

Thank you
Masa Goto