Builds on AIX 5 no longer supported?

In trying to upgrade our installation of ROOT to version 5.18 (ours was very old, version 3 something) we are having nothing but problems. We’ve moved from AIX 4.1 to AIX 5.

configure aix5

the build process stops at the point libstrm.cxx is compiling.

we also tried

configure aixgcc

and the build fails almost immediately after compiling mainroot.cxx.

I’m a little confused whether AIX 5 is supported or not. On some of your web pages it’s not listed, but on some web pages it is listed along with configure options.

I know there isn’t much information in this post, for now, I just want to know if there’s a hope that ROOT will build on AIX 5, and maybe some contact with individuals who managed to build on AIX 5.

  • Mike Beddo

We lost our last AIX machine about two years ago, so I am not surprised if our current version does not work anymore on AIX systems.
We keep the AIX configurations and options (as they were at the time we had a machine).
If you submite the necessary changes we will put them in the SVN repository.
Alternatively, we can test the latest version on your system if you can create a stable account on your machine.


The machine is behind a corporate VPN. I doubt I can get a user account for you. In the event that it might be something simple, I have attached the output from the make just before it dies.
make_errs.txt (32.5 KB)