Building static libraries on mac os x

Hi all, I have a question regarding installing root on a mac running 10.4.4. In particular, when I build root from source, I would like to be able to generate static libraries, which, I think, on a mac would look something like libHist.a, e.g… Can anyone help with some instructions? Thanks, Mike Miller (MIT)


we have no general procedure to generate static libs on any platform for individual libraries. You can always do "ar rv libHist.a hist/src/*.o. An alternative is to make a complete static version of root with one large libRoot.a which is supported by doing:

make static

Cheers, Fons.

Hi Fons,

I would like to build only libCore statically(using ar) and the rest as default builds.

The reason I am interested is due to the link time problem with PGO build on IA64.