Building standalone cling binary from root repository

I am trying to experiment cling and libCling in source code level.
To build cling from source, I tried cling_build_instructions in root official webpage and the tool mentioned in of cling repo but the built version is older than the project root repository. ( Old enough to not having root repo pull request 8243, resulting in many segfaults in my use case )

Assuming I am not using the whole root except cling, is it recommended to build, test and develop cling from root repository?
And to build a standalone cling from root repo, I passed -DCLING_INCLUDE_TESTS=ON to cmake while configuring root to enable building cling binary. Then I have to explicitly run “cmake --build ${build_dir} --target cling”
Is there a more explicit way to let cmake build a standalone cling binary from root repo?

Hi @jiangyilism ,

and welcome to the ROOT forum. This is a question for @Axel or @vvassilev , let’s ping them.


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