Building ROOT with Mingw

I am trying to build ROOT 6.20 on Windows 10 with Mingw. Do we have some recipe that one can follow about external dependencies, as well as which cmake flags need to be turned ON/OFF.
Thanks for your valuable help.

_ROOT Version:6.20
_Platform:Windows 10
_Compiler:MinGW (cmake)


MinGW is not supported. You can either use (or build) natively, or in WSL (which is Ubuntu).

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks for the clarification, I will stick then to MSBUILD/Visual.
I can see that ROOT is built with Visual Studio 2019. Unfortunately our project uses Visual 2017.
Did someone try to build ROOT with Visual Studio 2017 ?
I browsed through several threads and started to compile ROOT.
Unfortunately, I hit this error about \typetraits.hxx which seems to have already been reported

Line 13707: 4>d:\s\alamos-9.3.0\sources\root\core\foundation\inc\root\typetraits.hxx(43): fatal error C1001: Une erreur interne s’est produite dans le compilateur. [D:\S\ALAMOS-9.3.0\BUILD\root\core\BaseTROOT.vcxproj]

Thanks for your patience.

Only VS 2019 is currently supported. But since Visual Studio is much more compatible between different versions, you might try to use ROOT binaries built with VS 2019 (e.g. ROOT v6.22.00). Otherwise I don’t see a simple solution. Especially that ROOT doesn’t compile anymore with the latest version of Visual Studio (v16.7.0)…

A last question: is ROOT team planning to support 64 bits ROOT build on Windows as well?

Yes. If you want more information, just search this forum, you’ll see several topics about it :wink: . In short: It’ll require very deep changes in all parts of ROOT, due to casting pointers to long…

OK. Thanks for your clarifications.

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