Building ROOT with CMake and Visual Studio 11.0 : failed

using the CMake ( program I generated the ROOT project (from root_V5.34.03.source) that I am trying to compile using Visual Studio 11.0 (OS : windows 7). After having solved the “sehmap.h” issue (see [url]Locate like command here is the compilation error I encountered :

------ Début de la régénération globale (Begining of global regeneration): Projet : genmap, Configuration : Debug Win32 ------
c:\PFiles\root_v5.34.03.source\root\cint\cint\src\dict\iccstrm.cxx(235): error C2248: 'std::ios_base::ios_base' : impossible d'accéder à private membre déclaré(e) dans la classe (cannot acces to private member in class) 'std::ios_base'
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\include\xiosbase(650) : voir la déclaration de (see declaration of) 'std::ios_base::ios_base'
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\include\xiosbase(202) : voir la déclaration de (see declaration of) 'std::ios_base'


Hi Sam,

Visual Studio 11.0 is not supported, the latest supported version is Visual Studio 10.0

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hello Bertrand,
I know that Visual Studio 2012 is not supported but I cannot do in another way. I understand that if I use VS2012 errors that occure concerning VS2012 are my problem. But in this case I think that their is a call to the constructor of ios_base class in the iccstrm.cxx file which is not allowed by the standard c++ library.

static int G__G__stream_6_7_1(G__value* result7, G__CONST char* funcname, struct G__param* libp, int hash)

   ios_base* p;	
   void* tmp = (void*) G__int(libp->para[0]);
   p = new ios_base(*(ios_base*) tmp);
   result7->obj.i = (long) p;
   result7->ref = (long) p;
   result7->type = 'u';
   result7->tagnum = G__get_linked_tagnum(&G__G__streamLN_ios_base);
   return(1 || funcname || hash || result7 || libp) ;

Maybe I’m wrong and in this case sorry.
Thanks for your support.


A lot of changes are required in CINT to be compatible with Visual C++ 11.0, especially concerning their stl implementation, and there is no plan to change anything in CINT. This will be solved once cling is fully supported on Windows (no time scale though…)

Cheers, Bertrand.

OK. Thank you for time passed on that subject and for your explanations.