Building ROOT on FreeBSD fails

I am trying to build ROOT on FreeBSD/i386 7.0 with:

./configure freebsd5

and it fails:

==> lib/ done
Generating dictionary reflex/src/G__Reflex.cxx…
utils/src/rootcint_tmp -cint -f reflex/src/G__Reflex.cxx -c -p -Ireflex/inc reflex/inc/Reflex/Any.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Base.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Callback.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Kernel.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Member.h reflex/inc/Reflex/MemberTemplate.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Object.h reflex/inc/Reflex/PluginService.h reflex/inc/Reflex/PropertyList.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Scope.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Tools.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Type.h reflex/inc/Reflex/TypeTemplate.h reflex/inc/Reflex/ValueObject.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/ClassBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/CollectionProxy.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/DictSelection.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/EnumBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/FunctionBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/NamespaceBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/NewDelFunctions.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/TypeBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/TypedefBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/UnionBuilder.h reflex/inc/Reflex/Builder/VariableBuilder.h reflex/inc/LinkDef.h
: error: macro names must be identifiers
Error: external preprocessing failed. :0:
!!!Removing reflex/src/G__Reflex.cxx reflex/src/G__Reflex.h !!!
Error: utils/src/rootcint_tmp: error loading headers…
gmake: *** [reflex/src/G__Reflex.cxx] Error 1
rm utils/src/rootcint_tmp.cxx utils/src/RStl_tmp.cxx

Do I have to tweak something to get it right?



Hi Hugo,

which version of ROOT are you trying to build? I fixed the FreeBSD build in the trunk, see … m_id=32833

Cheers, Axel.

I was using version 5.18/00. Sorry, but, what is the trunk? is it the development version?

Hi Hugo,

the HEAD of the trunk is even more recent than the development version: it’s the current snapshot of ROOT. See … _ROOT_Subv

Cheers, Axel.

Ok, I’ve been able to compile it, but disabling kerberos. Are you planning to support FreeBSD in the future?

Thanks a lot for your help


Our configure knows about FreeBSD systems but we do not have machines to test.
We expect the FreeBSD afficionados to maintain the system whenever there is a new version of the OS or ROOT.