Building root libs for QNX

I need to build the root libraries for a QNX platform. I’d like to cross compile on Ubuntu for QNX, using QCC. How do I change the compiler it uses and pass the appropriate options that QCC uses to cross-compile with the current build tool (cmake) in root?


_ROOT Version:6.14.00
_Platform:Cross compiling on Ubuntu for QNX

Hi, I’m afraid the build system as it currently is does not fully support cross-compilation. There is an issue in JIRA with instructions on how to do that for ARM, but QNX is not a supported platform of ROOT, so I’m not sure how far you’ll be able to get. If you compile natively you may have better results, and bugs will likely be easier to fix. However, please do let us know here or in the issue linked above what problems you face so that we can try to fix them. Thanks!

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