Building root 6.20/06 with vmc libraries

I have been unable to build root 6.20/06 with virtual montecarlo (VMC) support. Specifically libVMC is not created, although the source code is present in the
root-6.20.06/montecarlo/vmc path. I have not found the cmake option that would turn this on, or a way to get it from using root-6.20.06/montecarlo/vmc as the cmake path_to_source. This was not a problem with root-6.14. What have I missed?

_ROOT Version: 6.20/06
Platform: fedora31
Compiler: gcc9.3.1

Try with “-Dall=ON” (or at least “-Dvmc=ON”).
Warning: ‘vmc’ is deprecated and will be removed in the next release of ROOT.

Hi Wile E,
Thanks for the quick reply!

I had already tried -Dvmc=ON, -DVMC=ON, -Dmontecarlo=ON. They all failed and I did not get the depreciated message. I require some other options as well so I’m familiar with the syntax. Too chicken to try the -Dall.

I did find the depreciated info in the release notes. Seems like it is gone now, except for the source code.

I’ve however managed to generate the vmc standalone code that generates this library, except it’s called libVMCLibrary now, but I can build my code with that. It seems better to migrate from the depreciated code at this point.

Have a good weekend!

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