Building ROOT 5.26.00b RPM on RHEL5 (64-bit)

It took me a while to get a RPM to build and install seamlessly for ROOT v5.26.00b on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) (64-bit). I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that would break the installation at an unexpected point down the road, and put the steps I took here for anyone else having similar issues.

1st error: build/package/common/root-plugin-net-bonjour.control : No such file
Fix: Changed “–enable-bonjour” to “–disable-bonjour” in the default “build/package/lib/”

2nd error: Complained about several missing files during build process (in particular)
File not found by glob: /tmp/rootrpm/usr/share/man/man1/xproofd.1*
–Fix: Commented out in “build/package/rpm/”

File not found: /tmp/rootrpm/usr/bin/cint
File not found: /tmp/rootrpm/usr/bin/makecint
–Fix: added the lines below “make static” in “build/package/rpm/”

make bin/cint
make bin/makecint"

File not found: /tmp/rootrpm/etc/gdb-backtrace-script
–Fix: Commented out in “build/package/common/”

3rd error: I noticed that the libraries found by “gsl-config --libs” are mistreated in the configure.
gsl-config --libs returns libs in the form “-lgsl -lgslcblas -lm” where configure expects “gsl gslcblas m”. The strange return from “basename” can confuse other scripts so I added in a line

to strip off the leading “-l” at line 4787 in the configure script

I compiled with the non-default features in “” by adding “–enable-fftw3” and "–enable-g4root"
FFTW3 works just fine.

G4ROOT complains about a missing "build/package/common/root-plugin-montecarlo-g4root.control"
I had to add a line to “build/package/lib/”:

and modify “configure” by commenting out the line

Similar changes had to be made to build a RPM for Fedora Core 12. I haven’t noticed any problems yet after installing the RPMs.


what you’ve done looks correct to me. The RPM and Deb spec and build files were provided by Christian Holm, but currently they are not maintained anymore as Christian is busy with other things.

Cheers, Fons.