Building pyROOT and spyder on Linux

Hi there,

I’m using root version 6.24.0, python 3.9.5-3, the Cling complier and my OS is Manjaro Linux (based off Arch Linux)

I’m getting to grips with pyROOT but haven’t been able to get it working on spyder. I’ve tried a few things but for now I’ve installed it through anaconda (miniconda to be precise), when I try to install spyder it finds some conflicts and won’t proceed.

When I’d installed it through a snap package I could get spyder open but “import ROOT” ran into errors.

For now I have a functioning form of ROOT but I like the added functionality of spyder, does anyone have any experience connecting the two together?

Hi @shudson ,
this is what I did:

$ mamba create -n test-spyder -c conda-forge root spyder python=3
$ mamba activate test-spyder
(test-spyder) $ spyder

and it seems to work (i.e. I can import ROOT from spyder).

Creating a new environment with only and all the packages you need is usually simpler than having one giant environment that you keep installing things into – eventually there might be conflicts.

(mamba is just a faster conda – that you can install from conda itself).


Wow thanks a lot! That’s got everything working now

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