Building/cmake stuck with XRootD XRDCL_ONLY mode

Hi! So, on a ubuntu 20.04, building 6.26.04, the building process seems to get stuck
if the XRootD is build with XRDCL_ONLY option (i have this log from the reporter)
It does not seem to be problems on centos 7 or macos (the platforms supported by our CI)
Any idea what could be the problem?
Thanks a lot!

@bellenot is this a known issue?

No idea, one should ask a Xrootd expert. What is the XRDCL_ONLY option? Where is it coming from? I don’t see it in the log…

Hi! XRDCL_ONLY is a XRootD cmake option for building only the client components of XRootD (there is also XRDCL_LIB_ONLY which builds only the client library components (so, excluding binaries like xrdcp))
I was asking here as the problem was reported when building ROOT not XRootD, just to see if someone encountered this on ubuntu. If this is unknown (and it seems to be) i will try to reproduce in an ubuntu vm and then get back with info if this is reproducible …

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so, just to have a resolution, it seems that was un unfortunate mixup of multiple PRs, and after the actual problem was solved, the ROOT was compiled successfully (with XRootD compiled with -DXRDCL_ONLY=On).

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Cool! Thanks for the follow-up!

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