Building and running an application in a cluster


I’m trying to run an application of mine in a cluster from my University. Since I don’t know the Garfield’s Library path there, I guess the best strategy would be to compile there. And again as I don’t know the Libraries’ path, I guess I can’t use my usual makefile, because for example there is a $GARFIELD_HOME command there.
So I believe I should follow the “Building and running an application” that I found on garfieldpp website, that is, for Gem the example:

cp -r $GARFIELD_HOME/Examples/Gem .
mkdir Gem/build; cd Gem/build
cmake ..

Although, for that I should use a CMakeLists.txt file, which I usually don’t use in my personal computer, and I don’t even know how to write or find one of that.
How can I write this CMakeLists.txt file?

yes, if Garfield++ is not installed on your cluster, then you will need to build the project yourself, following the instructions on

and then build your application against it using the recipe ("Building and running an application”) that you found on the website.
You’ll find a CMakeLists.txt file in all of the Examples subdirectories of the source tree, for instance (for the GEM example):

It should be quite straightforward to adapt it to your application.

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