Building 5.21.06 from sources fails

I am building root from sources (root_v5.21.06.source.tar.gz from ftp site) on Windows Vista using cygwin. I have Visual Studio 2008 installed (version 9). I have also successfully built 5.18/00 on this same machine with the same environment.

make crashes while building libWin32gdk.dll (see output below) with LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘lib/gdk-1.3.lib’. However there is such a file (evidently made moments earlier).

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks

Ed Oltman

[quote]bin/bindexplib libWin32gdk graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGW
in32GL.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin
32ProxyBase.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualGLProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TG
Win32VirtualXProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifdecode.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifenco
de.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifquantize.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/G__Win32gdk.o > lib/l
lib -ignore:4049,4206,4217,4221 -nologo -MACHINE:IX86 -out:lib/libWin32gdk.lib g
raf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32GL.o graf2d/win32gdk/src
/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase.o graf2d/win32gd
k/src/TGWin32VirtualGLProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.o graf2d/
win32gdk/src/gifdecode.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifencode.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gif
quantize.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/G__Win32gdk.o -def:lib/libWin32gdk.def
Creating library lib/libWin32gdk.lib and object lib/libWin32gdk.exp
build/win/ -DLL -nologo -ignore:4049,4075,4217,4221 -incremental:no -o bin/
libWin32gdk.dll graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32GL.o gr
af2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase
.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualGLProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/TGWin32Virtua
lXProxy.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifdecode.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/gifencode.o graf2d
/win32gdk/src/gifquantize.o graf2d/win32gdk/src/G__Win32gdk.o lib/libWin32gdk.ex
p lib/libfreetype.lib lib/gdk-1.3.lib lib/libGraf.lib lib/glib-1.3.lib Glu32.lib
Opengl32.lib lib/libCore.lib lib/libCint.lib kernel32.lib advapi32.lib user32.l
ib gdi32.lib comdlg32.lib winspool.lib comctl32.lib
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'lib/gdk-1.3.lib’
make: *** [lib/libWin32gdk.dll] Error 80[/quote]

Hi Ed,

I’ve seen cygwin messing up permissions before. What does “ls -l lib/gdk-1.3.lib” show?


Yes, that was it…
---------- 1 eoltman mkpasswd 81438 Dec 6 00:45 lib/gdk-1.3.lib

Hi Ed and Axel,

I have the same problem when I try to install with the configure option: --enable-qt --enable-table. It cannot open libGPad.lib and gdk-1.3.lib.
What exactly I have to do with cygwin? Ed, what did you do to finish the compilation?
Thanks in advance,