Build ROOT with customized cling dir

I would like to install ROOT 6.14/06 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 x86_64.

But I met the problem of cling similar with this one.

I’m not the admin, so I build cling at my home directory according to the document smoothly.

However, I have no idea about how to define the customized cling directory when I build ROOT. I can’t find the option about cling dir in the ccmake GUI.


I would like to ask you if your end goal to install ROOT? Correct?

If yes, then I recommend you to delete conflicting installation of cling and build ROOT from scratch (since cling will be build as a part of ROOT in this case with correct flags and etc.).

Thanks for reply.

There is a limit that I can’t delete the conflicting cling because I am not the admin. I’ve installed a new cling according to this document. It will be great if I can build ROOT with given cling directory.

@mcdlee, sadly we don’t have option when you can provide external cling to build ROOT. I will open Jira issue to implement such option.

I opened JIRA issue:

Thanks a lot. I am looking forward the results.

No wait - I believe we are not solving the actual problem here.

If I understand correctly you get a warning about “Possible C++ standard library mismatch”?

In that case your compiler was upgraded but ROOT wasn’t. What does which g++ say for you, at a terminal, and what does which root say?

@mcdlee could you reply, please?