Build ROOT packages for various Linux Distributions


I’m using openSUSE and want to run ROOT on it. I know, I can compile it by my own, but that’s not that easy than just install the rpm with the software-manager and I also know, that there are a lot of others with similar problems (not only users of openSUSE, but also of other ditributions).
Therefor I think it would be a great deal to built ROOT with the “openSUSE build service” a service that can build packages for all mainstream distributions including the RedHat family, Debian and family and of course openSUSE (and for several versions of every distribution). These packages would be available on the web and everybody could use them. And, if a new version of a distribution occurs, the packages would be updated automatic.
I can do that with the build service (or at least try it - I haven’t used it before), but I want to ask before!


Would be nice if you can give it a try and let us know.

Cheers, Fons.