Bug in TGListTree in 5.27 (not in 5.26)

Dear all,
Dear Bertrand,

I just updated from ROOT 5.26.00b to 5.27.06b. I use a TGListTree and I retrieve items by calling FindItemByPathname(…). This used to work but after the update it doesn’t.

I think that I can reproduce it using the tutorial guitest. In void TestDirList::OnDoubleClick(TGListTreeItem* item, Int_t btn), add the following lines and include iostream:

   char s[1024];
   fContents->GetPathnameFromItem(item, s);
   std::cout << "path : " << s << std::endl;
   TGListTreeItem *x = fContents->FindItemByPathname(s);
   std::cout << "x : " << x << endl;

Here, all I do is 1. retrieve the path of the clicked item and 2. find the item using this path. It should (obviously) work, and it does in 5.26, but not in 5.27 (x == 0).

Could you have a look ?

Thank you,

Hi Barth,

This is fixed in svn trunk (by revision 37379). Many thanks for the report and sorry for the trouble.

Cheers, Bertrand.