Bug in parsing of 'std:: cout'

Hi everyone,

Using ROOT v4.03/02, CINT 5.15.159 I noticed the following:

when entering at the command line
’std::cout << “aaa” << std::endl;'
outputs ‘aaa’ as it should

but entering
’std:: cout << “aaa” << std::endl;'
does absolutely nothing.

So something goes wrong when parsing ‘std:: cout’ with the space in it.

‘ROOT:: GetROOT()’ is parsed as ‘ROOT::GetROOT()’ so it’s not just the space that’s causing trouble.

I guess this is a bug, right? If not, shouldn’t CINT complain about the space?


Hi Jeroen,

thanks for the report. This is now fixed in Cint’s CVS. The change will soon appear in ROOT’s CVS.

Cheers, Axel.