Browser-based ROOT?

Hello All,

I wonder if anybody is working on a browser-based ROOT version / plugin? I’m mostly interested in some ROOT->Browser bridge which will allow me to use HTML5 Canvas and WebGL features to process ROOT-encoded data at client side. For example:

  • Generic Event Display (ROOT geometry + exported tracks displayed using WebGL);
  • 3D Histogramming ( WebGL? );
  • 2D Histogramming ( Canvas / jqplot? );

I’d like to join such project if there is one… As a proof of concept for Event Display, I’ve assembled basic demo (please use Firefox 5 or Google Chrome 12+ to see WebGL) :
( Event Display, using JSON-encoded track array of STAR events )
( most of HEP 3D shapes implemented as Three.js objects - should cover TGeo series )



We are starting to investigate the ability to read ROOT files using JavaScript (without a C++ library) with the intend for example to load the histogram into javascript/JSON objects to used with javascript display libraries … this may (or may not) be useable in your case.