Browse a TGraphErrors

As we know, when we draw TGraphErrors, we have to first set draw option such as “ap”. As a result, if just click an object of TGraphErrors in a browser mode, there will be nothing on the active TCanvas since DrawOption is not set. I am wondering if it is possible to add a function in ROOT to automatically set draw option for TGraphErrors/TGraph/TMultiGraph so that we can browse our graphs by clicking it like browsing TH1.


In your system.rootrc file or local .rootrc add the following line

TGraph.BrowseOption : al or any other option
This was implemented in version 5.10


Thanks. It works. It is fine to open the first graphErrors, however, if I don’t close the first canvas, and then try to click the 2nd graphErrors, the graph will be updated. But axises from the 1st and 2nd graphErrors will mix up. How to update axis in the meantime when clicking the next graph?