"Broken" TCutG

Hi Rooters,
With Revison 5.18 I can drag a TCutG in a TH2F on a sub-pad with no problems. If I drag the “first” point with 5.22 the figure “opens”. The stored points for the TCutG reflect what is shown on the pad.
I am doing two odd things: 1) I use the Windows distro and 2) I limit mouse clicks. Our project is intended for medical technicians. Theyare not to be allowed to change too much.
Is it the mouse code (attached) that somehow makes the difference with the two revisions? Attached is a jpg file and some code fragments. All suggestions are welcome.

LimitMouse.c (1.94 KB)

Thanks for reporting this problem. Now fixed in the SVN trunk.


Thanks for your prompt response. I will try this out when 5.23 is next released. I had not noticed before, but the dragged region changes color as it passes over “COL” data. Very cool.