*** Break *** segmentation violation, Problem with fastjet code

_ROOT Version: 6.12
_Platform: Ubuntu 18.04
_Compiler: GCC 7.3

I am compiling this codeExample26.C (5.2 KB) with the makefile( Makefile.txt (1.1 KB)) . It is compiling with this Compilation_message.txt (1.6 KB). Now when I am running the executable file, its running halfway and showing this terminal_output.txt (2.7 KB). Its giving an output called output.txt (440.1 KB). But it has 7366 events. What is the problem here? What is the problem in my code? Can anyone please help me out with this?
Thank you.


I would try compiling in debug mode first and eventually running valgrind to see potential issues.
However, this looks to me to be more a Fastjet problem.
Fastjet is not part of ROOT, maybe you should try asking the Fastjet authors


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