Branch problem again

please help me
in my programme i have problem in the nb of entries in ntuple and in branch
at the last part there are no problem in values1[0] =X_zmin; values1[1] =X_zmax; values1[2] =Y; values1[3] =YY;
values1[4] =Z; values1[5] =ZZ; entries are the same in ntuple and in branch.

while in values1[6] ,values1[7], values1[8] , values1[9] the problem in the nb. of entries in ntuple and branch
they are different please help me.

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An ntuple / tree stores “current” values of variables as they are at the time when its “Fill” method is actually executed. You need to analyse the “logic” of your source code, paying attention to where you set the values of variables with respect to where you “Fill” your ntuples / tree.