Branch of Type Float16_t

I downloaded root from the master branch and currently I am testing branch with Float16_t type,

I can see that vector<Float16_t>; is not supported, only simple types are.
Something else,
is is possible to read branches with type Float16_t using variable with normal float type ?
Float_t b;
t->SetBranchAddress(“b”, &b);
t->GetEntry (0);

I made a test in cling and it looks fine, but I am not sure it makes sense !



perhaps this tutorial can help you:
It deals with writing and reading Float16_t. In addition this doc of TTree is helpful:


Thanks a lot Philippe,
The tutorial is great, it help me a lot to understand how Float16_t and Double32_t work.
I can see that Float16_t Array[n] works fine but not vectors, in our root files we have vector not array I think it is very hard to change the format. Is there a possibility to support vector<Float16_t> ?


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