Branch names starting with a digit in python

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To loop over tree entries in a python script I use

tr = file.Get(‘treename’)
for ev in tr:
print ev.LeptonPt

where LeptonPt is the name of the Branch(“LeptonPt”,…)
python object names should start with a letter. Question: how do I read the branch that is called ‘1stjetpt’?

There is no possibility to change the name of the branch.

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Unfortunately, since the branch name starts with a number, it breaks the automatic tooling.
However, you can probably still access it if you use an explicit assignment with a call to GetBranch. That is:

firstjetpt = tr.GetBranch("1stjetpt")  

You may also be able to rename the branch on the fly by using TDataFrame’s Define and/or Snapshot actions.

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getattr(ev, ‘1stjetpt’)

Thank you, anadio and wlaw! I went for GetBranch()

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