Brackets in windows

when i start root in a windows promt, I cannot type the brackets “[” or “]”. Also some other special characters dont work. Before starting root I can type them without problem. Also copy&paste or using the ACSII code does not work. Instead of the character I only get an error beep.
It gets especially annoying when I want to use a trees draw function to draw values from an array, e.g.


because such array valued branches I also cannot draw via the TreeViewer so easily…
Of course I could use a script or makro but i would like to use the command line directly.

PS: By chance I just found a way how to get the brackets :slight_smile:
When I try to draw the array valued branch in the tree viewer, it wont work and i get an error. However, with the up key I get the draw command including the brackets :slight_smile:


Which version of ROOT? What is your locale? (i.e. your keyboard layout?)

Cheers, Bertrand.