Boost To function

_ROOT Version:6.2.8
Platform: Window 11
_Compiler:g++ or MS Visual C++
Is there a boost to function. It seems to be there used to be one – a memember of TLorentzVector. I don’t see it anywhere. I dod boost(betaVector) which would alow me to write one.

I think it worded ‘in situate’ boosting the your 4 vector into the rest frame of the speicified 4-vector.

Yes, there is in TLorentzVector, see here

In the tutorial section, you see it used in testUnfold7a.C

Boost(nx,ny,nz) is not a BoostTo function. I’ve used it to write my own. I think there used to be one back-in-the-day.

#include “TLorentzVector.h”
#include “TVector3.h”
void boostTo(
TLorentzVector* p4Pointer,
TLorentzVector p4ToBoostTo,
double sign=1.0
) {
const TVector3 beta=-p4ToBoostTo.BoostVector();

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