Boost to COM frame with LorentzBoost


I’m aware that similar questions have been asked here but they seem to be specifically about TLorentzVector which is a legacy class.
With TLorentzVector it is possible to do something like this

    auto dstar_lab_vec = (d0_vec + pis_vec);
    auto dstar_cm_vec = (d0_vec + pis_vec);

However with the new LorentzVector such a method doesn’t seem to exist. I’m currently doing something like this

 ROOT::Math::PxPyPzMVector dstar_vec = d0_vec_lorentz + pis_vec_lorentz;
  //boost D* vector to it's rest frame
  auto dstar_vec_boost = dstar_vec.BoostToCM();

but how do I use the beta vector to get the boosted 4-vector in the rest frame? There isn’t a class method in LorentzVector which applies a boost.


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_ROOT Version:6.22.06

You should be able to do this with the ROOT::Math::Boost class ( see ROOT: ROOT::Math::Boost Class Reference).


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