BooleanProcessor::createPolyhedron : too many edges

Maybe not the best place for this question but I’m trying to visualise my simulations with beam on. My sims are made with TGeo geometry but I am able to convert to a geant4 application like so:

ChildVirtualMC* virtualMC = new ChildVirtualMC();
    //Setting Geant4 visualization

Essentially I initialise my class then cast it to a TGeant4. That allows me to have it open in an xming window and run geant commands like so:

((TGeant4*)virtualMC)->ProcessGeantCommand("/run/beamOn 1")

However, since adding a few TGeoCompositeShapes when I try this I get:

BooleanProcessor::createPolyhedron : too many edges 

Is there anything I can do to be able to see a rough geometry with interactions and be able to see tracks without using a cloud as vis style?


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