Blas dependency of cmake target ROOT::TMVA

Building our software against the lcg dev version dev4 we noticed that (ldd /cvmfs/<day>/ROOT/v6-14-00-patches/x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt/lib/ depends on
Yet checking /cvmfs/<day>/ROOT/v6-14-00-patches/x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt/cmake/ROOTConfig-targets.cmake I only see the ROOT internal dependencies:

set_target_properties(ROOT::TMVA PROPERTIES

Now it appears that using the view the dependency does not lead to any issues, but when I try a minimal project that links against outside the view in an MWE, I fail at link time [CI].

So I’m wondering, shouldn’t ROOTConfig-targets.cmake publish the dependency on BLAS?

PS: not sure if related 3.

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pppppppping @amadio?

Sorry, I did not see this before. It does seem like TMVA has a problem and should pass on interface flags for linking against openblas. I will take a closer look tomorrow and fix it. Cheers,

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