Binning in TTree->Draw()

Quote from manual:

Which means that for all of other histograms I’m drawing default binning will be set by that.
How to set it back to use automatic binning for the rest of the plots?


You can explicitly set the default values of the number of bins by calling gEnv->SetValue("Hist.Binning.1D.x",100); gEnv->SetValue("Hist.Binning.2D.x",40); gEnv->SetValue("Hist.Binning.3D.x",20);
You can also reset to the actual default (which are defined in the ‘rootrc’ files with the more local rootrc file ‘winning’:wink: by calling:delete gEnv; gEnv = new TEnv(".rootrc");However this will also undo any other changes done to gEnv.