Binary Package Antivirus Alerts

ROOT Version: 6.30.06
Platform: Windows 10 (22H2)
Compiler: Visual Studio 2022
Antivirus: Symantec Endpoint Protection

Dear ROOT Team,

After downloading your binary package:
I analysed it using Symantec Antivirus.
And it didn’t find any threat:

However after unzipping it, many threat alerts were shown, e.g.:

Please find attached to complete list of WS.Reputation.1 alerts:
threats.csv.txt (20.8 KB)

Do you confirm they are false positives?

Can you ask Symantec to solve this issue?
As ROOT users, what do you advise us doing:

Best regards,


Hi, thanks for the report! Since we cannot test our binaries with all possible antivirus out there, we use (and trust) virustotal, see the result with
And yes, we already had false positives in the past.
So if you are a registered Symantec user, please report the false positive to them

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Thank you very much.

I submitted a request:

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Thanks a lot!