Binary dist. of 4.04-02 for MacOSX including libXrd*?

I’ve discovered that the binary distribution of ROOT 4.04-02 for MacOSX is missing some .dylib files, specifically all six of the libXrd*. The .so versions are there, but not the .dylib. That makes it hard for me to link an executable consistently.

Is there a chance that someone might have these six .dylib files available for MacOSX 10.3.9?

Hi Mike,

this are xrootd plugins so you only need the .so on MacOS X. For what do you need the .dylib’s?

Cheers, Fons.

Hi, Fons. Maybe I don’t. The BaBar GMake system includes a listing of the ROOT libraries to be linked in to a given executable. If one of the packages specifies a dependence on ROOT, but without being specific, then the entire list (including “-lXrdSec”) is put onto the |ld| command. If these are runtime plugins, and not intended for use with precompiled executables, then I don’t need the .dylibs.

                                                                 -- Michael Kelsey