Binaries including MathMore lib for ROOT 6 in Windows

Hi everyone,

Are there any information about available binaries including MathMore lib for ROOT 6 in Windows?
If not, are there any chance to be provided in furture?

Cheers, Takashi.

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@moneta might give more details, but for licencing reasons (of GSL), we can unfortunately not distribute MathMore binaries. The only chance is for you to build from source

Thanks for the information, bellenot. OK, I would try to build from the source.
If I meet in trouble with build, I would like to ask in different thread.


All your Linux and MacOS binary distributions provide MathMore by default.
Why not Windows?
The even exists an official web page: “Building GSL on Windows Using Native Tools

The licensing issue is maybe also a question for @Axel.

Hi everyone,
I was able to build the windows binary including mathmore lib with cmake options as follows.

ROOT Version: 6.20.06
Platform: Windows 10
Compiler: Visual Studio 2019 cl.exe

-G “Visual Studio 16 2019”
-A Win32
-T host=x64
-Dmathmore=ON (default=OFF)
-Dminuit2=ON (default=OFF)
-Droofit=ON (default=OFF)
-Dtmva=ON (default=OFF)
-Dclad=OFF (default=ON)

GSL was installed using vcpkg.
Since I also want to use the Genetic algorithm, TMVA was have to be also build.
I got the error related to clad and C++17, that is priviously discussed in forum, so i give up building them.

Thank you to all staff in root team.


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