Bin spacing in python list

Hi all.

Browsing through the internet I didn’t find the solution to this answer. So mea culpa, if this question already has been asked: how can I get the bin separation of a histogram into a python list? In my code I was doing like this:

which works perfectly in ROOT6, but not in ROOT5 which I have somewhere else installed (and I actually need to run my code there). What is the good way of doing this in ROOT5?

Thank you and cheers,

OK, so I wrote a function that iterates over the bins:

def toList(tarrayd): list = [] for i in range(tarrayd.GetSize()): list.append(tarrayd[i]) return list

It works, though I was hoping there was a more elegant way of doing this.
Any suggestions are welcome.



how does it fail? In the above list() call, python does under the hood exactly what you typed out below.