Best way to use ACLiC

I want to develop some shared libraries and have found the ACLiC interface to be a nice tool. The only problem is that, as best as I can tell, you have to run it from with the root interpreter. (i.e. run root, then type .L YourFile.C+, which then generates Is there a way to execute the same without having to run root? I’d like to embed the building of the shared library/executable from within a makefile and find it difficlut to work through the command line syntax.

I have a feeling there is the “correct” way to generate these shared object files if one is working within a makefile system…

Thanks in advance.

cheers. Steve.

Hi Steve,

ACLiC is part of ROOT - so you cannot use it without ROOT. You can call ROOT from your build system, though: simply invoke it through ROOT. An example is in ROOT’s test suite: … t=roottest which is a driver script for ACLiC. You might be able to construct something similar for your case.

Cheers, Axel.